Need to mount a tag without the permanent sticky tape?

The Unibrac is perfect for this!

  • Taxi drivers
  • For use in Hire cars
  • Have a loan car
  • Ideal for Car dealerships
  • Changing company cars for work
  • Don't want the sticky tape bracket

Easy To Use

The suction cup fastens securely to the windscreen and the actuator holds the bracket tightly in place. If you don't like leaving it on the windscreen you can easyly remove it without leaving a mark and store it safely in your glove box or take it with you.

Leaves No Marks

The unibrac doesn't use any sticky tape or glue. Brackets that come with electronic tags tend to leave marks when you remove them and they're not reusable. The unibrac doesn't leave any mess and keeps on working.

Integrated Spiral Suction Cup

We have integrated a spiral suction cup into the unibrac to allow you to make sure the bracket fixes firmly to the windscreen. This will ensure it does not fall off, distracting you while you drive. It also means that your tag signal has the maximum chance of being read by the gantry.

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